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Stuffed Animal Repair Results

Listed below are testimonials provided by satisfied customers! “I’ve had my three beloved teddy bears since I was born and  without fail they’ve been by my side for 71 years. Even though my grandchildren have their own, they know that my three are exclusively mine. After years of delay and soul searching  and after detailed research into the claims of various “teddy surgeons” I sent them to Sally Winey for much needed urgent and major detailed attention. My teddies had been through the wars and in need of some  major...

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Why is it important to wear a mask in public? Well, when I wear a mask in public, I want you to know that although I may be asymptomatic, I could still potentially spread the virus. However, no, I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem. I feel like I’m being a contributing adult to society when I go out in public and wear a mask. I like to think about how other people could be affected by this virus. If we all could live with other people’s consideration in...

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Enter your email address to receive a free copy of our step-by-step instructions how to make your very own cozy. Once you receive your download watch this video that coordinates with the instructions. You can also buy a kit with pre-cut materials for 2 cozies. Microwavable Bowl Cozy Kit – Makes 2

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What’s next for us!

Thank you for your support as we navigate our new website and work diligently to bring you some amazing how to videos, free resources, homemade products and more. From our homepage there is a QR code that you can scan on your phone and it will download a quick link app on your phone to our mobile website. Be sure to subscribe on our site to receive the latest information and some Winey Bear insider freebies too. Our latest project is creating how to videos with printable instructions and kits available to purchase so you can learn to hand make gifts as well. Stay tuned and sign up...

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New Face Mask Design cotton

This new mask is now available and priced at $10 because of the new design and the increased cost of materials. This provides more comfort and features than your typical home made masks. Upgrades include an extra layer of protection, sturdy construction and a strong and comfort fit around neck and ears. It can be tied around head or behind ears. PLUS, when not in use, it conveniently hangs around your neck. Upload my Winey Bears App and receive a free mask for downloading. SCAN WITH PHONE CAMERA TO DOWNLOAD APP

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