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How to Clean Your Stuffed Animal

We have almost 40 years experience creating, cleaning, repairing and restoring stuffed animals. We know that some people cannot bear {pun intended} to part with their stuffed animals to us and need some tips on how to gently clean stuffed animals at home.

This video will walk you through the DO’S and DON’TS of cleaning your stuffed animal at home.


If you would like to quickly purchase some supplies featured in this video here are the links*.

PolyFil Stuffing –

Scissors –

Seam Ripper –

Button Thread-

Large Eye Needle –

Brush –

Ribbon –

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If this feels like too much to take on and you wish to send your stuffed animal to us we offer three services.

  1. Fluff & Stuff – This is a gentle cleaning, new stuffing, brush and a new ribbon.
  2. Stuffed Animal Repair – This is a Fluff & Stuff PLUS fixing any holes, replacing any eyes and minor fixes.
  3. Stuffed Animal Restoration – This is a Fluff & Stuff plus major fixes like creating new limbs, covering with new fabric, complete remakes or dog attacks.

You can order any of these services by visiting

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Stories from viewers like you….

Thanks to your wonderful YouTube Video on making repairs, I was able to hand clean, open up, clear out the stuffing, load new stuffing and sew back up with confidence! My 4 year old barely was able to part with Sandy long enough for me to clean/repair but now it’s all fixed up! Thank you ever so much!

Bridget W.

Comments (6)

  • I want to get my daughter stuff dog Abby looking new again. She turn 20 years old this month she had this for a very long time if Abby could talk there would be alot of stories. She needs the works. Can you please help me?

  • Oh this is really lovely 😀
    I have several boxes of old (and less old) stuffed animals that I want to donate to new homes, but they all need a cleaning first and I couldn’t figure out any places that would both accept old not-super-clean plushies AND refurbish them for donation haha. It would probably be super expensive to send them all off to someone to get them all cleaned up, so it’s nice to know the “how” of how it works and maybe slowly work on it on my own ^^
    Also really nice to know for maintaining plushies I do want to keep, or new ones in the future! I have a little orange friend I picked up a few years back and I used to carry him around everywhere; then his primary character trait became that he was “stinky* and he’s not allowed on any of the furniture anymore hahaha. So it’d be nice to give him a bath in a way that isn’t just spot-cleaning with an almost-dry toothbrush, and maybe even give his li’l paws some beads.

  • I can’t wait to send in sabastian by only problem is I’ve had him for years and can’t sleep without him also he used to have a light purple ribbon around his neck with designs it was taken off when I went to the hospital and needed him if I can try and draw it can you some how re make it

  • This was the most helpful youtube presentation I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much! These stuffies
    mean so much to our children. You provide a wonderful service.

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