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Who is Sally?

Sally Winey is known for many things that she’s accomplished throughout her life, from helping develop the Ty Beanie Babies to creating her own successful business from the ground up. Sally has spent decades of her life dedicated to helping people restore and feel the love and joy that comes with having a special stuffed companion. However, like all other great heroes, Sally needed a call to action; a reason to pursue making people happy every day. Her passion for making and repairing stuffed bears comes from a source of her own happiness- her grandmother. Sally’s grandmother worked as a seamstress, which consequently helped Sally get a grasp on sewing at a young age. Throughout her childhood, Sally and her grandmother worked on many projects together, helping build up Sally’s skills that would later eventually help her build a successful business that brings as much joy to her customers as it does to her. Sally began working with toy companies, such as Ty Beanie Babies, which helped her gain leverage in the bear-making world. Sally designed bears for many big named companies and people, such as Planet Plush and Dr. Brian Price in 1998. Sally was featured in magazines, such as the Our State Magazine, and she wrote a book called Rainbow Bears to Make and Collect. She also was featured in TV shows, such as an episode on the Discovery Channel, PBS, and local affiliate channels. She was even featured as an extra and created a bear for the movie Safe Haven. Speaking of bear creations, Sally designed a bear for both of the President Bushes in the 90s and designed a bear for the governor of Pennsylvania in 2000. Sally also created a line of stuffed animals for major production companies, such as Hanna Barbera. Sally Winey traveled all over the world, to places like Japan, England, and South Korea, doing craft shows and promoting her business. She was even nominated and won the Kentucky Colonel Award, which is the highest honor awarded for doing good will and fellowship around the world.

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